Our environment

The Harties Cableway is passionate about the environment.

We do all we can to minimise our impact on the Magaliesberg ecology and conserve the area’s splendid biodiversity.

Water is life

The Harties Cableway recognises that water is a precious commodity. We have chosen to conserve water and minimise pollution by introducing compostable containers for our food instead of using crockery.

A burning issue

Although controlled fires play their role, scrub fires pose a threat to the mountain's ecology. We have introduced a smoking policy that restricts smoking to designated areas, and request that visitors adhere strictly to this. This contributes significantly to a reduction in cigarette-butt litter, as well as the associated risk that lighting up poses.

Your role

Please work with us to ensure the protection of our precious environment!

  • Please use the bins provided to dispose of your litter
  • Do not damage or deface the rocks
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Stay on the allocated footpaths
  • Kindly remain aware of water wastage
  • Smoke in designated smoking areas only

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