The Adventure Centre

The Harties Cableway is the perfect place for adventurers and adrenalin junkies.

Gorgeous views and lots to do!

You can book a variety of adventure activities through the Adventure Centre at the base station.

For years paragliders have been climbing the mountain on foot for the chance to launch themselves into the air and glide above the spectacular scenery. Now, the Harties Cableway is offering a special ticket so that paragliders can ride the cableway up and make use of the ramp at the top of the mountain.

The adventurous traveller may enjoy abseiling down the majestic rock faces on the north side of the dam, while interesting terrain and rewarding views have made the area popular with hikers.

Explore the Hartbeestpoort area by abseiling and mountain climbing at the weekend with Mountain Adventures Abseiling. Situated a few metres from the upper station of the Hartbeespoort Cableway, the 50m abseil is suitable for beginners. With the company of a professional guide, you can enjoy the views and spot the rich wildlife the area supports.

Why not use the Harties Cableway as your portal and plan a day of activities in the Hartbeespoort area through the Adventure Centre? Activities in the area are numerous, ranging from a leisurely cruise on the dam to zip-lining through the trees.

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The paragliding ramp

Nothing beats time spent in the great outdoors

Explore the Hartbeestpoort area by abseiling and mountain climbing


Activities in the area are numerous


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