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The Harties Cableway of 1973: a photo story that captures the past

  • 28 March 2013

The original Harties cableway operated for 32 years before shutting down. Originally constructed in 1973 using materials supplied by Swiss manufacturing company GMD Müller, the cableway entertained countless visitors from around the world, giving them a bird’s eye view of the Hartbeespoort Dam and surrounds.

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Cableway construction environmentally conscious

  • 20 September 2012 | Stuart Dickinson

How do you get 350 000 tons of building material up a mountain to reconstruct the longest mono-cableway in Africa, while still remaining environmentally conscious?

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Stay up to date with us in the social media arena

  • 03 July 2012 | Laura Maggs

Did you know that the Harties Cableway is on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube, as well as tweeting away on Twitter?

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Trials and tribulations: The construction of Hartbeespoort Dam

  • 25 June 2012 | Stuart Dickinson

After a short ride to the top of the mountain by cable car, you’re greeted with sweeping views of the surrounding hills and valleys. One of the more prominent sights is, of course, Hartbeespoort Dam, which dominates 2 062ha of the valley.

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