Cableway closed for investigation

  • 23 July 2017

The Harties Cableway company has reassured visitors that the correct emergency procedures were followed and no lives were endangered on Saturday when the cableway experienced a mechanical failure in the lower station, resulting in three gondolas with guests being stranded on the line.

Because safety is paramount, we alerted our emergency rescue teams to ensure all safety procedures were in place before completing the evacuation of our guests from the gondolas. Safety will never be compromised, says the cableway's management.

Our rescue teams safely evacuated children and ladies first from the gondolas and guided the guests back to the lower station, where an emergency medical station was available.

A helicopter was arranged to assist with the evacuation of our guests on top of the mountain and 4x4 rescue vehicles were used to transport guests down the mountain.

No injuries or casualties were reported and the entire evacuation plan was successful.

The cause of the mechanical failure will be thoroughly investigated. The cableway will remain closed until the investigation is complete. 

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