Educating teachers about the Harties Cableway

  • 04 March 2013 | Kate Rau

The teachers have arrived!

The Harties Cableway recently hosted a group of eight teachers from Parktown High School for Girls.

The educators, who teach history, geography and social sciences to the Grade 11 and Grade 12 pupils, were amazed by the educational facilities on offer, and say they can’t wait to bring their pupils on excursion up the Harties Cableway.

“I remember visiting the cableway many years ago with my family. I knew that the facility had since been upgraded and relaunched,” says Gail Davidson, Dryads House head and Geography and Social Sciences head at the school.

“I decided to facilitate a tour for some of my fellow teachers with a view to planning a school trip for the Grade 11s and 12s later this year. I was pleasantly astounded by the dramatic improvement of the cableway facilities since its relaunch last year.”

All the teachers, except for Mrs Davidson, had not yet been up the newly revamped cableway, and only two other teachers had visited the attraction in the past.

From an educational perspective the cableway offers teachers a superb array of topics to explore – from the historical significance of and settlement into the Hartebeespoort area, to geographical aspects of the mountain and its surrounds.

Apart from the glorious vistas from the summit, the cableway offers teachers a superb array of topics to explore with their learners

“We all learnt a lot and will be better prepared when we bring our students to the cableway later in the year,” Mrs Davidson adds.

Teachers who would like to find out more about hosted tours of the cableway are advised to contact Iain Gunn via email.

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