Harties Cableway’s new bar is open for business

  • 11 October 2016 | Christine Marot

Sunday 9 October was a momentous occasion for the Harties Cableway when 623 visitors headed up the mountain, many of them making for our newly opened Look Out Bar at the top.

The bar was razed in early 2016, following a lightning strike during one of Johannesburg’s biggest storms on record. The remains of the structure have since been flattened and the bar rebuilt from scratch.

The beautifully rustic interior of the new Look Out Bar. (Image: Harties Cableway)

Work was completed last Friday and the bar opened two days later, with myriad colourful cocktails, craft beer and wine on offer to eager patrons.

Refreshing cocktails like this one are a big drawcard at the Look Out Bar. (Image: Harties Cableway)

A few new touches have been added to the style of the bar’s rustic interior, which comprises mountain rock on the back wall and bar, a bloodstone granite bar counter matching the rock, three large teak arches within the bar, and an exterior finished with teak cladding.

“Two international hoteliers who were there on Sunday said they have visited hotels worldwide, but have never been to a bar like this. They described it as ‘absolutely out of this world’,” said Harties general manager Iain Gunn.

New benches and umbrellas provide welcome shade at the top, where more than 300 cocktails make choosing just one a thirsty job.

One of our signature cocktails is the aptly named Tropical Storm, a frozen concoction made from Caribbean rum with a splash of lemon, mango, strawberry and a touch of Harties’ magic. Another speciality on offer is our Tequila Surprise, a blend of lime, lemon, mango and tequila. Kiddies love drinking their own version of the adults’ cocktails – without the alcohol, of course.

There’s seating for 270 patrons – 150 on the top deck and 120 below – making this a perfect place to relax and enjoy the panoramic view over Hartbeespoort Dam and the distant mountains. Efficient waitresses are on hand to take orders so you don’t have to move a muscle.

The bar is the perfect place to relax with friends over the weekend. (Image: Harties Cableway)

Sundays are popular, when easy listening live music is a regular feature, and snack food baskets are available from the 360 Degrees express restaurant. The youngsters also enjoy the new Hero’s ice cream shop, which sells a selection of scoop ice cream and pre-packed ice cream.

Remember, there’s no obligation to take a cable car up the mountain – there’s a full à la carte restaurant at the bottom.

The bar is open seven days a week, and with summer almost upon us, and all those juicy cocktails waiting to be tasted, where else would you rather be?

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